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EMI Tester

  • The EMI tester automatically measures the noise distribution of the electric field and the magnetic field radiated from electronic equipment with high accuracy.
  • Even if PCB and IC parts have complicated bumpy shape and surface.The movable assembly can automatically trace them.
  • EMI noise distribution is expressed as a variety of maps, such as 4D/3D/2D graphics and cross section view.


EMI Tester EMV-100,200

EMI Tester image
Left : EMV-100  Right: EMV-200

Automatic height adjustment mechanism

■ Automatic height adjustment mechanism
The electromagnetic near field antenna automatically goes along the surface of PCB and IC parts at point-blank range. (Gap can be set freely from 0 mm.) Measurement of strength distributions is synchronizing with the move.

■ View



Movable tabel Movement range X and Y axes 170 mm 300 mm
Z axis 100 mm 230 mm
θ axis -100 to + 230° deg. ± 360° deg.
Alignment accuracy X and Y axes ±0.05 mm
Z axis ±0.05 mm
θ axis ±1° deg.
Dimension (W×D×H) 387 mm × 405 mm × 735 mm 565 mm × 680 mm × 1003 mm
Weight 20 kg 97 kg
Overall control unit Personal computer Microsoft Windows 7
Software Control Program EMVm1 Control Program EMV3
Power Supply AC Power Input AC 100-230V, 50Hz / 60Hz
Power Consumption 0.5 kVA max 1.0 kVA max
Option Measurement unit Spectrum analyzer
Antenna Electric field antenna W07E
Magnetic field antenna W07
and so on.
Pre-amplifier AFS4-00010300-25-20P-6( 10MHz~3GHz, NF=2.5dB, GAIN=40dB )
AFS4-00100600-13-10P-4( 100MHz~6GHz, NF=2.5dB, GAIN=36dB )
and so on.
Shield box The special shield box according to each tester-model can be prepared.

 EMI Tester EMV-200 PV 

YouTube Link

 EMV-100/200 PV 

YouTube Link

■ Camera Option
A measurement picture and measurement data are piled up and displayed.
Camera Option
■ Datalink option for EMIStream(NEC)

Overlapping real picture and EMI strength graph.
Datalink option for EMIStream(NEC)
■ Time-domain analysis (APD) Amplitude Probability Distribution or APD measurement doesn't require the device to be in such "connected" state but only in "operational" state to emit the EM noise. Time-domain analysis (APD)
■ Far-field EM field estimation by near-field EM measurement

With the ability to measure and map the amplitude and phase of EM noise of specific frequency in a small-scale chambers, one is expected to estimate the results of far-field EMI normally measured in large anechoic chambers.
Far-field EM field estimation by near-field EM measurement
■ Simultaneous Electric and Magnetic field

Using patented special probes that can make simultaneous electric and magnetic measurements, one can scan near-field EMI to measure electric and magnetic fields and map the magnitude of each property from a single scan.
Simultaneous Electric and Magnetic field

EMI Catalog

EMI Catalog

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