Peritec's LabVIEW Solution

Five advantage for successful development

  • Only NI Platinum Alliance Partner in Japan.

    We are professional in LabVIEW as has been certified Platinum Alliance Member of the most stringent screening criteria.

  • The most Certified LabVIEW engineer belong to Peritec.

    We can perform consulting with confidence, so our excellent technicians have state-of-the-art technology.

  • We have a CSIA certification and ISO 9001.

    We have a CSIA certification and ISO 9001 to provide you with integration services from all aspects as the quality control (marketing, management and sales) of the world level.

  • We have a track record of 4,000 projects more, and know-how.

    We have developed 4,000 projects more, from since its inception.

  • We have both the technology and experience.

    We take advantage of technology to evolve, and propose the development of a short period of time at low cost.

Peritec's product

We will offer a state-of-the-art technology in order to improve the development efficiency of your.

Peritec are building a test system using development environment for a visual programming language "LabVIEW".

EMI Tester

Multi-Channel Coherent EMI Measurement System.


3D Noise Capture System.Anybody can easily measure the noise on big equipment.

ECU Tester

Optimal solution to the ECU tester.

Ulutar Multi-Channel Battery Emulator

Ultra Synchronized Voltage Generator up to 192ch.

BCI Tester

Automation of BCI test. Logging of the ECU behavior. Creating the report results.


CAN analysis tool equipped with the powerful customization features.

IC Tester

We developing IC tester compact of Peritec original "ECOIC".

RFID Tester

We are developing a system for measuring the frequency of the RFID.

RF Tester

RF multiple tests on one platform.


Optimized for use automation product evaluation.

Mylab V

Instrument that can be easily measured from the signal to occur at a low price.

Camera Link Module

The output signal as a camera link video signal.

Acoustic Emission Crack Diagnosis

Detect abnormality by diagnosing machine condition in real time.