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Original IC tester, high-performance compact ECOIC

IC tester of Peri Tech original ECOIC

The Peritec adopted the NI products, to build in 1/10 the cost of the commercial product functions of the IC tester. It offers original brand as "ECOIC".
IC tester on the market, yet very expensive that several tens of million, part of its function could only really used. Therefore, it possible to continue to build the only really necessary function in Peritec, we have created a mechanism to be completed at a lower cost and development, high-performance, short-term.

Feature of the IC tester


  • Compact, high performance, low price
  • High reliability
  • Rich customization
  • Test program menu selection
  • Rich software drivers
  • Handler control, prober - control
  • Same architecture to the mass-production from experimental


Overview of the IC tester system

Test items

  • DC current measurement
  • DC voltage measurement
  • Pulse width, Zhou Zhou measurement
  • Open, short test
  • Function measurement (up to 200MHz)

Hardware configuration (PXI module)

  • Fast DMM
  • Fast pattern Genet regulator
    (up to 200M samples / sec)
  • FPGA (Developed in LabVIEW)
  • Digitizer (up to 2G samples / sec)
  • Various matrix switch
  • Variety of RF modules

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