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Acoustic Emission Crack Diagnosis

AE(Acoustic Emission) Crack Diagnosis


  • Detect elastic wave with AE sensor and evaluate crack occurrence / progress in real time
  • Reduce the cost of over maintenance
  • Early dispatch of abnormal symptoms to prevent unexpected fault


AE Crack Diagnosis


  • Crack diagnosis
  • Sheet metal weld defect fault
  • Diagnosis of soundness of casting
  • Mold AE inspection equipment
  • Abrasion loss detection
  • Contact detection
  • Corrosion diagnosis of metal
  • Equipment diagnosis
  • Safe condition monitoring

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Acoustic Emission sensor AE503SAO30-1466

AE sensor

AE503SAO 30-1466 is an AE sensor with built-in preamplifier. The resonance frequency is 50 kHz. It is able to detect the elastic waves emitted by the material itself due to cracking and deformation and evaluate crack level in real time.
Regarding the diagnosis of the operating equipment, if AE occurs, the system can monitor continuously, and it can cope with sudden abnormality leading to equipment stop.

30 - 100 (50) 5G
DC 20 - 30 IP57
1 Φ33×42(H)
possess SUS304
40 BNC
None < -80
-20 to +60 1000 or higher

Accessories such as AE recording device, mounting holder, cable, power supply are also available.

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