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The RFID tester which the EPC code can read.

The RFID tester which the EPC code can read.

the reading of the code EPC

RFID test system of Peritec is making FPGA board (IF-RIO) the processing of the IF band. This reading of the code, called (Electronic Product Code) EPC is required for RFID tag ISO18000-6 TYPEC of (EPC C1 G2).
However, it did not provide treatment too late in the traditional instruments.
Must be according to the data received from the tag, sending a plurality of commands in several ms to read EPC, in order to fully realize the query sequence, which is the communication of real-time generator tag, and the analyzer This is because it have to take place.
RFID test system Peritec I go FPGA board (IF-RIO) the process of the IF band to correspond to the processing result to the EPC.
It will communicate without interruption updates the tag Thus, enabling the reading of the code EPC.

RFID frequency overall metho

It is RFID evaluation method seen in one eye overall characteristics of the RFID tag Peritec devised the "RFID frequency overall method". This approach has been adopted by 10 major Japanese manufacturers already well received and can be measured in a short period of time, it is very effectively "had been able to read, I can not read" solve the problem of RFID tags, and improvement of quality.

RFID frequency overall method

Standard Tag Measurement Tag
 Standard Tag   Measurement Tag 

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