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Versatility and speed to implement because it is based PXI module

It can be a customizable

Automatic test stand of Peritec is a product plus Peritec made ​​LabVIEW module to optimize the use of automation of product evaluation NI tools TestStand.
The module-based system using PXI, With savings available all over the state to be able to use from that day, the best evaluation system in line with customer requirements.

Evolution of automated evaluation Teststand

BASIC evaluation SYSTEM
Feature Automatic measurement general that can be used in all field. Measurement system to suit industry, unique technology, to function. Can be shared across departments, can also expand the number.
Necessary functions
  • General measure voltage, current, etc.
  • Automated using a GPIB
  • The export to Excel.
  • Space-saving
  • Speeding up
  • GAutomated using a GPIB
  • Be different for each industry
  • Link with the database
  • Link with the quality management tools
  • Corresponding to the production line
Effect tool
  • LabVIEW
  • GPIB
  • PXI
  • PXI
  • Software tool
  • cRIO、cDAQ
  • TestStand

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