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Camera Link Module

Camera Link PXI output module

It is a PXI module to output as a camera link signal NTSC video signal.
For outputting a trigger signal when you have the image conversion, you can ignore the delay at the time of conversion.

1) Progressive conversion is performed using the frame memory of the picture signal of NTSC, and it outputs to CameraLink.
2) The beginning of the frame of NTSC is outputted as a TRIG signal.
3) An input signal is supervised, and only when a signal is effective, a CameraLink-TRIG output is performed (those with a blaubok output).
4) CameraLink output to output the same data if each of the RGB RGB 8Bit monochrome for color.

Camera Link PXI module image

■ Input and output specifications
NTSC (VBS) input
(2 systems)
Composite connector input
TRIG output
(2 systems)
Composite output connector
Camera Link output
(2 systems)
SDR connector (BASE Configuration compliant)
Composite output connector From MINI D-Sub15PIN, conversion connector to the BNC connector

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Camera Link FlexRIO Output module

It is possible to output the camera link standard still image was recorded in HDD.
Can support Base, Medium, Full configuration in (-85MHz) by adopting the Flex-RIO.

1) FPGA image output.
2) Full configuration image output Medium and the base.
3) The output at 20 ~ 85MHz pixel clock frequency of 10 tap maximum, 80-bit images.
4) Program has significantly reduced the burden on developers by adopting
   the same structure as NI-1483.
5) Practical example
  ・ Simulator of the camera.
  ・ It is possible to output to an external image information at high speed.
  ・ It is possible to reproduce 100% of the status of the site in that it combined
   with such as an electric signal of the other by adopting a PXI.

Camera Link PXI

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