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CAN monitor software customizable free

Optimal solution to the ECU tester

State-of-the-art analog and digital technology are covered in the ECU, measurement and control systems and flexible high performance is required for the evaluation. Verification of reliability is very important because it is an important component further life-threatening people. From previous experience, tester of the ECU has come to our proposed notice that it is better to use a TestStand and PXI is the optimal solution of Peritec ECU tester.

Communication between ECU and use the CAN module in practice. Function of the synchronization influence the performance to use in conjunction to measure more than one module, but uses RITI synchronization had the ability not to permit follow-up of boards from other manufacturers for this. FPGA module is because the most suitable control such as PWM. After all, is characterized in that the design of this hardware can be described in LabVIEW noteworthy.

ECU tester Peritec make in this way has been designed to use most effectively NI products. ECU Peritec tester can be used to enable the data of the past and quality management tools more be linked with positioning database platform as the TestStand.

Horror of the feel of the ECU of peritec

  • It is possible to inherit as tester as the convenience and because it uses a soft TestStand.
  • It is made test is to be able to change parameters only for example without changing the program.
  • It is possible to realize the test, which is optimized by changing the program in LabVIEW.
  • It makes it possible to link the tool to which it is used by using Excel for processing of data collected by positioning as a platform, and property.

Peritec ECU Tester

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